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NZP&M minerals permit alerts straight to your inbox!

Stay informed about the latest minerals permits issued by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals.

Get email alerts straight to your inbox for the minerals, permit types, regions and types of permit changes that matter to you.

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What data's available through the service?

Minerals Permit Applications

Get alerts about the latest minerals permits being applied for.

Active Permits

Get alerts about the minerals permits that have been granted, have expired or are about to expire.

Extensions of Land

Get alerts about the minerals permits that are being extended.

Want more?

More permit watch services are planned for other NZP&M data sources, and also from other agencies.
If there's something you want, let us know and we'll see what we can do!


The service is free, but please donate if you find it useful



The service has been up and running emailing permit alerts since 2016, but we're still testing and adding features.
We're looking for feedback so please let us know if you find any problems or have suggestions.


So, who might be interested in this service?


Suppliers of mining equipment and services looking for their next sales lead.


Manufacturers looking for new supplies of raw material.

Gold Buyers

Gold buyers looking for new suppliers of gold.

Local Organisations

Local organisations keeping up-to-date with the interests in their region.


We're not affiliated

Though we're providing a convenient way to consume New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals permit data,
we are not affiliated with New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals in any way.

The data we provide is publicly accessible data made freely available by NZP&M.
We add value by making it easier to consume.


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We love feedback about the service, suggestions and ideas about other sources of data
people and companies are interested in consuming through Permit Watch.

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